Woman on Way to Get Abortion Outraged Trump Ripping Immigrant Children Away from Their Mothers

Denver resident Felicia Taylor, who was driving to a nearby Planned Parenthood for another abortion, was beside herself with rage over the Trump administration’s practice of ripping immigrant children away from their mothers and tossing them into containers of some sort. Ms. Taylor’s anger was in response to the U.S. Border Patrol’s increased enforcement of America’s zero-tolerance immigration policy which, according to the mainstream media, has resulted in authorities literally pulling children out of the arms of their crying parents. “What kind of monster would tear a child from their mother and simply toss it into some type of containment unit with other children who had been similarly ripped away from the women who gave them birth?” asked the 27-year-old paralegal and unabashed pro-choice advocate who previously aborted a child while in her second trimester. “I mean, it’s just disgusting that we live in a country where the practice of reaching in and yanking a child away from their mother is not only legal but actively supported by a certain segment of the populace.” continued Ms. Taylor who, a few hours from now, will have her three-pound male fetus tossed into a bag of medical waste. Before driving off, Ms. Taylor concluded that Trump and the other Republicans are nothing but a bunch of heartless jackals with no respect for family values and the sanctity of life.