Megyn Kelly Lands Job with Washington Redskins

After being fired by NBC for her on-air comments in support of wearing blackface, embattled daytime TV celebrity Megyn Kelly quickly landed a position in the front office of the like-minded Washington Redskins football team. The former host of Megyn Kelly Today will take a leadership role in the organization’s Public Relations department where her beliefs directly align with the NFL team named after the skin color of Native Americans.

“Megyn Kelly’s opinions on the skin tone of minorities exactly mirror those of our legendary football organization. She will be a tireless advocate for the posterity of our logo which depicts the maroon-colored face of an Indian chief adorned with cartoonish feathers. Megyn’s leadership will ensure that we continue to sell millions of dollars in apparel emblazoned with the name of our team which makes fun of the pigmentation of a small, relatively-impoverished and drastically-underserved minority group in our country” stated the spectacularly tone-deaf team owner, Daniel Snyder, while wearing a “Go-Skins!” t-shirt available in their Pro Shop for $79.95.

At press time, Redskins officials announced they would donate 5% of every apparel sale to a charity fighting against racism and hate speech.