Elon Musk Arrested by Interpol for Sending Drug Smuggling Submarine to Thailand

Tesla CEO Elon Musk was placed under arrest by Interpol agents today after sending a submarine suitable for drug-smuggling operations to Thailand. The well-intentioned but ultimately regrettable decision to dispatch the mini-sub was an attempt to assist in the rescue efforts of the Thai boys soccer team presently trapped in a flooded cave. “While the lightweight, high-tech aluminum pod is capable of safely carrying a prepubescent boy a half mile though a waterlogged crevice, it is also able to surreptitously convey up to 400-grams of high-grade, synthetic opium from Phnom Penh, Cambodia up the Gulf of Thailand to Bangkok,” stated Interpol National Center Bureau Chief, Major-General Joom Suriboonya. An embarrassed Mr. Musk was released under his own recognizance, and sheepishly tweeted an apology for what amounted to a poorly thought out publicity stunt and shameless grab for attention during a time when the lives of children hang in the balance. At press time, the Musk mini-sub appeared to catch fire in a manner similar to nearly every vehicle model in Tesla’s lineup.