‘Duchess Meghan Stuns in [Blank] Dress at [Blank] Event’ to be Headline Template for Decades to Come

News organizations around the globe have saved ‘Duchess Meghan Stuns in [Blank] Dress at [Blank] Event’ as a headline template to be used with relentless frequency in the coming decades. The placeholders will allow journalists in the future to easily type in the color, pattern, style and/or designer of whatever dress the Duchess of Sussex chooses to wear as well as the name of the gala, ball, charity event, wedding, garden party, coronation, state banquet or commemorative ceremony where the dress will be worn. “Let’s suppose that Duchess Meghan is asked to attend a Childhood Leukemia fundraising event at the All England Lawn and Croquet Club at Wimbledon while wearing a floor-length, backless, hand-sewn evening gown designed by Christian Dior. The headline template will allow present journalists, as well as those in the years 2020, 2030, 2040, 2050 and beyond to conveniently and quickly enter this exceedingly significant information into an article that will be of the utmost importance to all of humankind” stated USA Today Editor-in-Chief Nicole Carroll. At press time, handmaidens for the Royal Family were frantically debating which $100,000 dress the Duchess should wear to a fundraiser for starving children in Ghana.