Dave Ramsey Borrows $2,500 From Brother-in-Law

Iconic financial expert Dave Ramsey recently borrowed $2,500 from his brother-in-law, promising to pay the money back as soon as his next paycheck clears, according to sources within the family. The news came as a shock to many acquaintances and fans who have for years followed the conservative fiscal advice of the christian-based author and syndicated radio host. “Dave said something about how was ‘due for a winning streak’ when showed up at our house the other morning at 3:15AM smelling like stale cigarettes and wearing the same clothing he had on two days prior,” stated brother-in-law Max Tigwell who has closely adhered to Mr. Ramsey’s monetary guidance for decades. “I mean, we’ve amassed a tremendous amount of wealth using Dave’s investment strategies, so I guess it was OK to help him out with his panicked request for cash as he tugged desperately on my nightshirt while intermittently bouncing between fits of rage and then uncontrollable sobbing as he rocked back and forth in the fetal position on my front porch.” At press time, Mr. Ramsey had completed a total money makeover of sorts by unsuccessfully investing all of his remaining cash on ‘red.’