Costco Worker Blocking Aisle Also Enjoys Driving Slowly in Left Lane

San Diego, CA: An elderly Costco employee handing out free samples at a table that is blocking the canned goods aisle during a typical, hectic Saturday afternoon also enjoys driving at least 10 miles-per-hour under the speed limit while in the passing lane. 71-year-old Martha Talbert, who has created a 14-shopping-cart-deep bottleneck as she lazily hands out Kirkland Signature Beef Hot Dog samples to patrons at the warehouse giant, also takes great joy in watching other motorists pass her on the right when she is traveling well below the posted speed limit on area highways.

“Martha has an uncanny ability to jam up a path of travel causing people to slow down and see what the hold up is all about” stated Costco hiring manager, Karen Singleton. “In fact, I remember the day she first applied for a job here because I was driving behind her that morning and ended up being 10-minutes late for work. I knew immediately that Martha was the right person for the job.”

At press time, the septuagenarian was maneuvering a full shopping cart through the express check-out lane of her local grocery store at 5pm on a weekday.