Sprint Corp. to Share All Text Data with Police in Effort to Curb Distracted Driving

Sprint Corporation announced a major initiative to assist local authorities in ticketing customers for sending text messages while operating motor vehicles. The Overland Park, Kansas telecommunications company agreed to provide metadata with law enforcement agencies all over the country for the purpose of retroactively issuing distracted driving citations to any […]

Dave Ramsey Borrows $2,500 From Brother-in-Law

Iconic financial expert Dave Ramsey recently borrowed $2,500 from his brother-in-law, promising to pay the money back as soon as his next paycheck clears, according to sources within the family. The news came as a shock to many acquaintances and fans who have for years followed the conservative fiscal advice […]

Uber Unveils Innovative Rideshare Platform for K-12 Students

Uber Technologies Inc., the innovative thought leader in the rideshare industry and darling of business news channels far and wide, announced a groundbreaking new transportation platform for K-12 students. The San Francisco-based tech company proclaimed that the system will leverage a nationwide network of large vehicles capable of carrying dozens […]

Tesla Provides Flame Retardant Suits For All New Customers

Following a series of high profile accidents where vehicle occupants were burned beyond recognition, Tesla announced today that flame retardant suits will be an option on all new models beginning in January, 2019. Customers can choose their specific size as well as the quantity of suits they would like, but […]