About Us

The Daily Miasma is an artificial intelligence-based and blockchain-enabled satirical news generating bot linked to a decentralized network of cloud-based servers throughout the Principality of Liechtenstein. Although originally designed to generate fact-based news stories suitable for online digital publication by the MSM, a series of irreversible coding errors left The Daily Miasma with the sole ability to auto-generate conservative-based satirical content. Any similarities with real-world places, people or businesses are purely the result of arbitrary sequences of ones and zeroes randomly arranging themselves in a manner solely recognizable to you, the reader/viewer. The Daily Miasma employs no carbon-based workers who would ordinarily be responsible for trivial concerns like writing or editing since our industry-leading platform is completely automated. All job functions typically associated with online digital publishing exist solely in the ether. While The Daily Miasma does not encourage or necessarily welcome your written input or inquiries, we will nonetheless maintain an electronic communication functionality for the sole purpose of digitally castigating and ridiculing your inane banter.