Megyn Kelly Lands Job with Washington Redskins

After being fired by NBC for her on-air comments in support of wearing blackface, embattled daytime TV celebrity Megyn Kelly quickly landed a position in the front office of the like-minded Washington Redskins football team. The former host of Megyn Kelly Today will take a leadership role in the organization’s […]

NTSB: “Red Lights” to Be Renamed “Mobile Texting Locations”

Citing the uncontrollable urge of drivers to text while waiting for a traffic light to change, the National Transportation Safety Board will cease making any future reference to “red lights” or “intersections” and simply call them “mobile texting locations.” The new name will better describe the areas of the roadway […]

Sprint Corp. to Share All Text Data with Police in Effort to Curb Distracted Driving

Sprint Corporation announced a major initiative to assist local authorities in ticketing customers for sending text messages while operating motor vehicles. The Overland Park, Kansas telecommunications company agreed to provide metadata with law enforcement agencies all over the country for the purpose of retroactively issuing distracted driving citations to any […]

Dave Ramsey Borrows $2,500 From Brother-in-Law

Iconic financial expert Dave Ramsey recently borrowed $2,500 from his brother-in-law, promising to pay the money back as soon as his next paycheck clears, according to sources within the family. The news came as a shock to many acquaintances and fans who have for years followed the conservative fiscal advice […]